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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Buon Giorno

Just back from a two-week hiatus in Italy...if you can call dodging the volcanic cloud, the vagaries of the Italian transit system and the tangled jungle of a place that is Roma a hiatus...From what, you wonder. Ah, from the quiet, stripped down bliss of house and yard and ideas clamouring to be written down. I'm no gypsy, but a creature of habit. Journalling my way through a flood (literally) and various strandings in order to keep calm (or at least functional) and busy while lingering over lattes and cappuccinos. Hard life, eh? Roma especially a riot of traffic and sky-high weeds and ancient rubble everywhere. All Fellini had to do was remove his lens cap. A wild and crazy joy of a city, the contrast between here and there quite laughable. All good. Part of the bliss of travel is or should be the homecoming and looking forward to the return to reality.
Expect the unexpected, Be prepared to abandon all agendas to embrace the present, whether it is a Niagara Falls of scooters, acqueduct-drawn water, or the supremo, humbling silenze of a thousand well-laid plans thwarted. This is among the many wonderful lessons Italy taught me, in a whirlwind, life-changing fortnight. Grazie.

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