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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Found art

Nothing like a trip--even a short one, to another neck of the nearby woods--to get you thinking outside the box. Best of all is a walk on the slightly wild and whacked side to see what people can do with a little imagination and the most ordinary of objects. A reminder for all of us who might think our current subject matter isn't hot, crazy, deep, dark, messy, gritty, graphic, gory and/or sexy enough, for instance, to draw readers.
The main thing is to keep in mind that creating is first of all about play. And summer is about vacations. Not to say that anyone's avoiding hard work. But there's a time and a season, right?
So. If someone can make objets d'art out of pop bottles, so we can spin engrossing tales about kids working in thrift shops and perverts shooting wedding pix. All right? Okay.

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